Official documents of the regime’s plot to spoil the demonstrations through chaos

Official documents showing the plot of the regime to spoil the demonstrations through causing a state of chaos. The document, in Arabic, shows the a letterhead of the ministry of interior, with a “Top Secret” heading, claiming to be from the very office of the minister of interior. It outlines a scheme whereby police forces withdraw from the streets, convicts and thugs are let out to stir a state of mayhem, with aiding media influences to play on the strings of the Egyptian people’s utmost fears. Orders are given to use tear gas, rubber bullets and live amunition when necessary.

Although there is currently no evidence that the documents are not fake, many of the thugs that were captured during the looting were found to be undercover police snitches. The source of the documents is said to be blogger Wael Abbas, who is usually a reliable source. But the authenticity of the documents are yet to be determined.

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About Egypt Liberated

We need to act to save our country even from a distance. We definitely have a role to play now since we still have easy access to the world. I will promise I will do my best to use my little connections in the media to get out voices heard. If you know anyone else who does want to sign this statement let me know, but soon because we need to put it online now. Please give a brief description of who you are too. I am for example going to say "Osama Diab, a London-based Egyptian journalist and writer". This will be published on a blog that will voice our ideas, thoughts and hopes about the situation of Egypt and can be one of the unrestricted channels that the government of Egypt has no control over. This is going to be an ongoing project until the regime falls, or at least internet is back in Egypt, but until then please communicate with us any thoughts or ideas on how to help our Egypt. More and more people will be contributing ideas, statements and even articles to it.
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