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A selection of articles with sharp analysis on the current unfolding events of the Egyptian revolution.

The Newer World Order, by AbdulRahman El-Taliawi

The Newer World Order 01/02/11 Here is a brief account of the US position in the past 5 days towards what turned out to be an Egyptian revolution: 27/01/11 At the night before the expected demonstrations, the regime cut off … Continue reading

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Why Egypt’s popular rebellion is the greatest historical event in a decade, and how Barack Obama missed the boat, by Kragen Javier Sitaker

I’m writing this on January 28th, 2011, at 11:53 AM Cairo time, although I’m an ocean away from Cairo. But, as someone wrote the other day on Twitter, yesterday, we were all Tunisian; today, we are all Egyptian, and tomorrow, we … Continue reading

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America’s missed opportunity in Egypt, by Osama Diab

There’s no reason to believe that the uprising will bring radical Islamists to power – so why isn’t the US supporting it? Hosni Mubarak’s days are numbered as the president of Egypt, and possibly as a living human being. The … Continue reading

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