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We need to act to save our country even from a distance. We definitely have a role to play now since we still have easy access to the world. I will promise I will do my best to use my little connections in the media to get out voices heard. If you know anyone else who does want to sign this statement let me know, but soon because we need to put it online now. Please give a brief description of who you are too. I am for example going to say "Osama Diab, a London-based Egyptian journalist and writer". This will be published on a blog that will voice our ideas, thoughts and hopes about the situation of Egypt and can be one of the unrestricted channels that the government of Egypt has no control over. This is going to be an ongoing project until the regime falls, or at least internet is back in Egypt, but until then please communicate with us any thoughts or ideas on how to help our Egypt. More and more people will be contributing ideas, statements and even articles to it.

The Newer World Order, by AbdulRahman El-Taliawi

The Newer World Order 01/02/11 Here is a brief account of the US position in the past 5 days towards what turned out to be an Egyptian revolution: 27/01/11 At the night before the expected demonstrations, the regime cut off … Continue reading

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Official documents of the regime’s plot to spoil the demonstrations through chaos

Official documents showing the plot of the regime to spoil the demonstrations through causing a state of chaos. The document, in Arabic, shows the a letterhead of the ministry of interior, with a “Top Secret” heading, claiming to be from … Continue reading

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Osama Diab appearing live on Al-Jazeera English

Osama Diab, London-based journalist and contributer to the Egypt Liberated blog, will be appearing on the Al-Jazeera English news channel live at 14:00 (GMT), 16:00 (CLT). Stay tuned!

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What is happening in Egypt, by AbdulRahman El-Taliawi (Turkish)

Dört gün önce Hüsnü Mübarek’in yönettiği 30 yıllık vahşi ve yozlaşmış diktatörlüğe karşı gelen milyonlar, ülkelerini değiştirmek için barışçıl protestolara başladılar. Buna cevaben rejim, ülkenin tüm internet ve mobil iletişimini kesti, gazetecilere yönelik geniş tutuklamalar yaptı. Bunlarla beraber, göstericilerin seslerini … Continue reading

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What is happening in Egypt, by AbdulRahman El-Taliawi (Bulgarian)

Писмо- апел от египетски приятели! „Преди три дни, след 30 годишен режим на  жестока и корумпирана диктатура, управляван от Мубарак, египетският народ възстана да освободи страната си с милиони мирни демонстранти призоваващи за промяна. В отговор, управляващият режим прекъсна всякакви … Continue reading

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What is happening in Egypt, by AbdulRahman El-Taliawi (Spanish)

Hace tres días, después de 30 años de una dictadura brutal y corrupto regido por Mubarak, el pueblo egipcio se han levantado para liberar a su país con millones de manifestantes pacíficos que pedían un cambio. En respuesta, el régimen … Continue reading

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What is happening in Egypt, by AbdulRahman El-Taliawi (Italian)

Tre giorni fa, dopo 30 anni di una dittatura brutale e corrotto governato da Mubarak, gli egiziani sono saliti a liberare il loro paese con milioni di manifestanti pacifici che chiedono il cambiamento. In risposta, il regime di tagliare tutte … Continue reading

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