The Newer World Order, by AbdulRahman El-Taliawi

The Newer World Order


  • Here is a brief account of the US position in the past 5 days towards what turned out to be an Egyptian revolution:

27/01/11 At the night before the expected demonstrations, the regime cut off all internet and communication tools from the whole population in what was seen as a precursor of the violent crackdown it intends to ensue over the demonstrations. Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, said that: “Egypt’s government under President Hosni Mubarak is stable

28/01/11 After millions of Egyptians were actually seen dominating the streets, across all cities and streets of Egypt, Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman, said that: “[It’s]absolutely not too late for Mubarak’s regime to reform”

In the same day, when asked about the composition of the protesters asking for the downfall of Mubarak by a reporter who is concerned that fundamentalists might be leading them, Robert Gibbs responded: “I think [they are] what you would consider to be the Egyptian middle class

29/01/11 Later on when the Egyptian people turned out to be more fierce in their demand for liberty than the US expected, a senior Obama administration official said that: “[the] U.S. wants to see an overhaul, not overthrow, in Egypt, and that “the United States is looking for managed change”,0,2811094.story?track=rss

Although the Egyptian people came out in unprecedented numbers to overthrow the 30-year-old regime, Joe Biden, the US Vice President, in an interview with the Christian Science Monitor unashamedly said that: “Egypt’s Mubarak [is] no dictator, he shouldn’t step down”.

01/02/11 After three days of continuing demonstrations in which millions have decided on one and only demand, that Mubarak should be other thrown, defying army presence and police brutality, Barack Obama at last sent an envoy to Mubarak to: urge him not to run for re-election”


  • How the Egyptian people’s revolt is changing the world

“The people have decided to overthrow the regime”. This is the chant that people across the entire country, united, chanted. It’s a clear and powerful statement that the people are taking their matters into their own hands. They have caught the US unawares by their uprising. They are determined in their demand.

The US state department got confused. They were faced by a new and unexpected
situation. What the US is trying to do is to reshuffle its cards, quickly, in the best way that makes it able to “protect its interests” in the region, whilst not appearing to be dumping their ally in the first crisis. They must preserve their dominance by any means possible.

But the problem is that: they are not able to call the uprising a fundamental or extremist movement and condemn it, because it is very clear that it was triggered by middle class Facebookers and Tweeters. They are not able to call it a minor movement or to ignore it, because it has triggered millions of Egyptians from every class, gender, age and religious belief to come out to the streets. It is a revolution by all means, and there is no way trying to dub it anything else.

In less than 5 days, the regime was already done with. The events of this uprising
have been evolving so fast, and so should have been the reaction of the US. We are not in the old times when they can dance with words on a fine string for 5 days to decide their position. The world has changed. In 5 days, all your statements have been very well monitored, leaked, shared, tweeted and retweeted, as if a few months of time in the Cold War. The pace by which the American state department managed the situation in Egypt belongs to the past. The tone that they have used in addressing the situation (above in bold) is a fleeing remainder of a world order that also belongs to the past; a past where the US could dictate what other governments should do, and what they would like to see happen!

The Egyptian people’s uprising is changing the world as we know it because their march through the streets of Egypt is also a march beyond those times. It’s done. What the Egyptian people are indirectly saying is that there is a Newer World Order. An order where the people united, the grassroots connected, cannot be controlled by “old politics”. That only they will dictate what their government should do, and that only they will decide what they would like to see happen. You have to devise newer politics in order to assure your dominance. But until you do that, your puppets will fall like dominos, stripping you off the political influence that you stubbornly maintained during the past decades; a political influence that came at the price of the liberty, dignity and life of the people.

What the Egyptian people is also saying is that: we are kicking him out because of the fact itself that he does take orders/urges from you. The people of Egypt have decided to overthrow the regime. In doing this, the people of Egypt are over turning the tides, refusing US dominance over their fate, assuming power now in their own hands, and only they will urge and order who they want to run for presidency!

Thank you very much; we do not want your support. Even more, it is unacceptable. Stay out!

This is the newer world order. Many people doubt that the people can come up with someone that the US doesn’t want. But how this revolt has evolved proves exactly the opposite. Young middle classers who are open to the sources of information that are currently available will not stand silent while the US and world leaders play the games they have played in the past few decades. They have to devise new games. Until then, gone are those days when dictatorships can rule while people, the grassroots, are connected through internet, texting, social networks and all the available leaking sources. The people of Egypt are presenting the world a model for a new age revolution. By taking matter into
their own hands, they are proving to the US that their “old politics” will not be working anymore.


Their destined fate was to survive 5000 years, for their bones to mingle with blood of Egyptians of today in their revolution!


  • Notes:

–         If the US state officials can urge/order Mubarak not to reelect through just one enjoy, and they can cleverly show that they were the ones who told him by announcing it before his speech (to make Egypt and the world see that they are exerting pressure on the regime), they can also order him to reintroduce internet access to the population once it had been cut. But since this would confuse their situation even more, and accelerate events, it is something that they wish could pass without being noticed.

–         Barack Obama’s 2008 idealist speeches are proving day after day to be rhetoric. He gravely failed to even look good in this crisis. He proved that he descended from an intellectual to a politician controlled fully by the rules of the game. A politician who clearly sacrifices ideals for maneuvers time. The people who were killed, the liberty that was sacrificed, the ideals that were smashed broken to the ground, all fall into your lap. You are on the wrong side of history; the side that you eloquently urged world leaders to prevent in your inaugural speech. Shame!

–         Analysis: Egypt crisis a fresh dilemma for Obama team

–         The White House quietly prepares for a post-Mubarak era in Egypt

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Official documents of the regime’s plot to spoil the demonstrations through chaos

Official documents showing the plot of the regime to spoil the demonstrations through causing a state of chaos. The document, in Arabic, shows the a letterhead of the ministry of interior, with a “Top Secret” heading, claiming to be from the very office of the minister of interior. It outlines a scheme whereby police forces withdraw from the streets, convicts and thugs are let out to stir a state of mayhem, with aiding media influences to play on the strings of the Egyptian people’s utmost fears. Orders are given to use tear gas, rubber bullets and live amunition when necessary.

Although there is currently no evidence that the documents are not fake, many of the thugs that were captured during the looting were found to be undercover police snitches. The source of the documents is said to be blogger Wael Abbas, who is usually a reliable source. But the authenticity of the documents are yet to be determined.

Courtesy of:

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Osama Diab appearing live on Al-Jazeera English

Osama Diab, London-based journalist and contributer to the Egypt Liberated blog, will be appearing on the Al-Jazeera English news channel live at 14:00 (GMT), 16:00 (CLT). Stay tuned!

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