What is happening in Egypt, by AbdulRahman El-Taliawi

Three days ago, after 30 years of a brutal and corrupt dictatorship ruled by Mubarak, the Egyptian people have risen to free their country with millions of peaceful protesters calling for change. In response, the regime cut all internet and mobile communications off the whole population, committed mass arrests to local and international journalists, and literally isolated the people from all sources of news, outreach or communication. Moreover, they met the demonstrations with all violent measures to oppress the voice of the people. United in their cause, the people prevailed refusing to leave the streets until Mubarak steps down. In response, the regime set the army in the streets to control the protests with tanks and armaments. Omar Suleiman, an infamous key ally to the interests of the US, was appointed vice president. Again, the people refused, fighting for their liberty. In response, the regime freed prisoners, convicts and thugs from nationwide prisons to the streets of the Egyptian cities, armed with police trucks, uniforms and weaponry, attacking unarmed civilians. Museums were looted, banks were robbed, houses were attacked and thousands are being killed as you read this note. And
still, all internet, journalism and communication sources are cut off the whole nation.

Barack Obama and world leaders have chosen to bet on the corrupt and brutal regime of Mubarak, despite all those facts, to protect their interests in the region; interests that come at the price of the life and liberty of the Egyptian people. We appeal to you and we call upon your conscience to know what is currently happening in Egypt, and do all that you can to exert pressure upon your government and officials to reassess their alliance, and protect fellow humans or else they will find themselves on the wrong side of history. We appeal to you by virtue of the stability in which you live in your own country; a
luxury that we are unable to find.

We, the free Egyptian people, appeal to you!


About Egypt Liberated

We need to act to save our country even from a distance. We definitely have a role to play now since we still have easy access to the world. I will promise I will do my best to use my little connections in the media to get out voices heard. If you know anyone else who does want to sign this statement let me know, but soon because we need to put it online now. Please give a brief description of who you are too. I am for example going to say "Osama Diab, a London-based Egyptian journalist and writer". This will be published on a blog that will voice our ideas, thoughts and hopes about the situation of Egypt and can be one of the unrestricted channels that the government of Egypt has no control over. This is going to be an ongoing project until the regime falls, or at least internet is back in Egypt, but until then please communicate with us any thoughts or ideas on how to help our Egypt. More and more people will be contributing ideas, statements and even articles to it.
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